I Love Someone with Food Allergies

I Love Someone with Food Allergies

Hello!  We hope that this post finds you and your families doing well.  We realize it’s been a long time since we’ve all been able to see each other.  This new world we find ourselves in has certainly taken some getting used to.  Pressing the PAUSE button on life as we have known it has certainly had its challenges, however it’s given us a chance here at Alexander’s Bakery to look at where we’ve been and where we’d like to go. 

We chose this image for our blog post today because it is very dear to us…  I love someone with food allergies

For us, it’s about love, it always has been.  We love our families; we love good food (especially desserts!) and we love what we do.  When we thought about it, we realized our favorite part of this business is meeting with YOU, our customers, and in many cases now our friends.  We would see you at Farmer’s Markets or picking up your favorite treats in our partner stores, coffee shops & cafes and we’d chat – catching up on current events, answering your food allergy questions, etc. We’ve been honored that you’ve chosen us to supply the cupcakes for your children’s birthdays, your baby showers and end of school celebrations.  We’ve watched as your child’s face lit up with the realization that they could choose anything that we offered because it was all safe from their allergen.  We miss that…  we miss you…

While we don’t feel ready to return to production just yet, we want to be in contact with you!!  So, we created this blog.  In it, we will share what we are up to, who we are following for yummy allergy-safe inspiration and the products that we have researched and found to be safe so that you can create your own yummy masterpieces.  And when you do, share pictures!  Let’s inspire each other.  We hope you will join us on this leg of the journey.  We’d love to hear from you!  What content would you like to see?

Stay safe!  And know we are thinking of you!

xoxo ~ Vicki & Kristen

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