About Us

Our Mission

Alexander’s Bakery believes in putting goodness out into the world.  We exist to provide allergy friendly baked goods that EVERYONE can enjoy safely.  We create delicious, custom-made, locally sourced, allergy free baked goods for all of life’s celebrations and everyday enjoyment for the millions of individuals living with food allergies and their loved ones.  

By utilizing locally sourced ingredients, supporting small farms and local agriculture we provide piece of mind for the millions of individuals living with food allergies and the people who care about them.  We make sure everyone is included and has a seat at the table.

Vicki, Alex and Kristen at a local farmer’s market.

About Vicki

I am a wife, the mom of 2 amazing boys, a Certified Yoga Instructor and an allergy friendly baker.  In 2017 my sister Kristen and I started Alexander’s Bakery, the first and only bakery in our area of upstate NY to offer baked goods free from the top 8 most common allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, soy, egg, dairy, wheat/gluten, fish, and shellfish).  In 2001, when my oldest son was diagnosed with food allergies, I began a process of learning everything I could to keep him safe. I quickly learned that traditional bakeries were not safe for my son, so in order to provide him with safe birthday cakes, holiday treats and heathy baked snacks, I began baking.  Over the years, I have baked countless birthday cakes, Christmas cookies, safe desserts for school parties and traditional holiday staples for families, friends and neighbors.   

About Kristen

I love to cook with my husband and young son. The kitchen is one of our favorite spots to be together laughing, cooking & baking. I have lived with food intolerance and allergies for more than 20 years. Over the years, our family has enjoyed delicious desserts that are safe for everyone, made by my sister, Vicki. In 2017 we decided to share these desserts beyond our family & started Alexander’s Bakery to serve a need we identified within our community – to create a top 8 free, gluten free & vegan bakery. Every recipe meets that criteria. I’ve brought to the bakery my love for fresh, local products and my desire to support local farmers and small businesses. When we combine our creativity with high quality, safe ingredients and local produce, the results are our amazing allergy friendly baked goods, made with love. We are now ready to share what we’ve learned, our inspirations and other important allergy awareness information with you through our blog.